Top 10 Tips To Learn A Language

How do I learn a foreign language? It is easy to start, but it is worth learning from those who have done it before to find out what works. We set out our top 10 tips for learning a foreign language.How do I learn a foreign language? It is easy […]

Downtime In Europe

If your expat assignment takes you to Europe, why not travel to these recommended places in your time off? Get away from your work assignment and truly explore your new environment, its culture and unique sights. Istanbul, Turkey Europe and Asia meet in Istanbul, where breathtaking ancient architecture coexists with […]

Moving Abroad With Your Pet

Deciding whether to take your pet with you can be a difficult decision. As part of the family, many want to take them with them, but there can be issues that should be considered. Questions to ask include: what is the climate and where will you be living (an apartment […]

Moving With Family

Any international move is complicated, but moving with family takes even more planning. The first challenge is to deliver the message to the family. This will require a detailed discussion; they are likely to have a large number of questions but it may not be easy to get them to […]

Moving Your Home Contents

Before beginning to pack make sure that you have thought through what you should take with you. Make a list! It is best to reduce the amount of home contents you take with you, as you may be fitting into something much smaller. First of all, what are you thinking […]